Fill it

Feel it 


It's time to PHONE CASE MAKE-UP.

For your portable life care,

We created the Life and Beauty Innovator Brand, FILLIT.

Hi. We are the beauty start-up of the fourth year, which makes the start of smart make-up. We succeeded in the commercialization of fillit which changed the paradigm of make-up and got a great response from Cosmoprof 2016 in Hong Kong, Beauty World Japan 2017 in Japan, and ASD 2018 in Las Vegas USA, etc. We are also preparing to export Japan, USA, Vietnam, and India. The fillit consists of the five-color fillit phone case, six fillit palettes, and the fillit power bank, a combination of a battery and a make-up palette, to target Beauty Millennium as the primary target. 

Feeling around

with easy makeup,

 you will shine own your color

Fill your ____________  with fillit


All women who wear makeup, want to look beautiful yet natural-whenever & wherever. However, around 3 pm, fresh and perfect morning makeups can melt down. Even smudge proof eye makeups need a little fix. To prepare for the makeup fixing, women tolerate the volume and the weight of BULKY MAKEUP POUCHES. Free from your large makeup pouch and hectic makeup ritual. Fillit will simplify your makeup ritual. 

You are beautiful when you are you. We know you want to ease yourself when moving your body. Now you don't have to bring all your makeup belongings when you want to make yourself more active and free. Stop worrying about how you might look to others. Just take the Fillit which can protect your skin from the harsh environment and add a right amount of spice on your face! Take Fillit and be Free! 



Fill your trip

with fillit

Take a trip with fillit to the nearest place.

fillit phone-case is a must item for your trip.

Would you like to change your make-up

before taking a picture?

fillit  is the best choice for you who want to be a selfie, or maybe influencer.


Fill your exercise with fillit


fill your daily

life with fillit

fillit is a suitable product for make-up before your exercise.

You can put minimum necessary products into the fillit case. 

Many people who do yoga, Pilates, swimming, and running are already using it. You can be with them.

fillit is the product for happier, brighter exercising.

Have both health and beauty.

It is hard to wake up early in the morning. We'd like to have relaxing breakfast, but it's not easy because we have to go to work on time. 

Hassle makeup in the rush hour subway is really annoying.

For you,  imagine a different morning with fillit .

With 25g fillit make-up palette, you can experience a miracle.
fillit is indispensable for your Beauty and Life Balance.

What People Say

It's not a make-up to show to others,

it's a make-up that makes you happy,

and you're lucky.

Mary, Japan



If you want the latest information of Fillit, please let us reach you.


150, Bugahyeon-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Tel: +82(0)70 - 4143 - 0617     |    ask@odoc.co.kr

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