As a brand that offers a smart make-up beauty experience, The FILLIT can help you find the right product for your better beauty life.


#1. Think of makeup correction.

At 3 p.m. instead of a large pouch for makeup retouch, how about all in one in a palette? It would dramatically eases your makeup retouch. We designed the fillit cases and palettes in a small, convenient case with only necessary products for both makeup and makeup retouch. The fillit is my handy beauty box that is easy to carry anywhere, anytime.

#2. fillit thinking about the 


To make sure not to feel uncomfortable with fillit, we've worked hard for optimal case design and structure. There are three layers between the device and the palette which protect palette from appliance heat. Additionally, the palette is more protected with PC material and urethane coating. The impact absorption design and high-strength PC material avoid the risk of palettes broken. fillit also cares the environment. Designed with a refillable structure, it reduces the amount of plastic to produce each cosmetic product. Also, the palette minimizes environmental burdens too.

#3. the best manufacturer

Products that touch your face directly should be made in a hygienic manufacturing environment. The goal of fillit is to test and compare materials, textures, and colors to make the best product. We studied color composition and coloration with Sinsegae Intercos Korea, the Korean subsidiary of the world's top color cosmetics maker, and C&T Dream, a successful product manufacturer of CLIO and Peripera. The fillit palette, which has passed the mold retention test at 50°C, ensures that it is safe to melt and is thoroughly tested to prevent it from breaking.

#4. Makeup You Want the Most

Powder, lip-and-cheek, shading, shadow, brush, and puff are all made in Korea. The arrangement of cosmetics, the location of stickers, the size of the mirror, and even the finish design, it's an optimized configuration for makeup. One palette of fillit allows me to create context-sensitive makeup, perfecting myself anytime, anywhere. You can confidently recommend it to friends, family, and loved ones. Give fillit to the person you love!

#5. a palette made together

To create products that customers want, fillit is always with them. fillit listens to the customer's voice and sets the future direction. We also reflected your view on the actual production process stage. The customer's voice is the power of fillit to create a high-quality product. we will always listen to the customer's voice as we think about the new fillit products. we promise to listen to your voice, the eternal partner of fillit in every production process.

#6. Branding to Create Value

 Currently, fillit has registered patents, trademarks, and designs in more than ten countries. The novelty and innovative design of fillit have been a considerable success in overseas exhibitions. We already export "fillit" to Japan, the United States, Thailand, and Vietnam. We also participated in 2019 KCON JAPAN as a K-BEAUTY product.  fillit always challenge to move to the world.

 fillit is a product that has acquired trademarks, patents, and design registration in the United States, China, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Violations of trademarks, patents, and designs may result in civil and criminal penalties.

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