my handy beauty box,

fillit phone case.

Upgrade your beauty and make-up life with fillit.

fillit is QUICK.

With one-handed mirrors and palettes,

you can modify your make-up quickly anytime, anywhere.

fillit is STRONG.

The use of PC materials and urethane coatings helps protect the contents

by minimizing external shocks and heat generated by the product.

Also, the color is composed of

rose gold, snow white, cush purple, pearl black, and morning silver.

fillit is SMART.

A light removable palette reduces the amount of plastic.

fillit is an eco-friendly cosmetic that thinks about the environment.

fillit has a smooth round design, which gives you an excellent grip.

The make-up palette, optimized for make-up correction, is slimmer.

There is also a clear glass mirror, which has a free-stop function.

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