beauty charger,

fillit pOWERBANK.


ALL IN ONE Smart beauty product.

Battery with LED light mirror

The power bank has become a must item for selfie's life. What if there's a mirror here? What if there's an LED light? fillit power bank combines mirrors, LED lights, and batteries. The makeup palette is also added to remind people of the backstage makeup zone. Isn't it an era of self-branding where influencer and Youtuber are the mainstream? It is not difficult to become a self-influencer if there is only one fillit power bank. The world's highest-quality Murata cell (formerly Sony) lithium-ion gel polymer 4,600 mAh portable battery pack is also said to be a good fit for charging and no residual faults.

with the removable palette,

as a beauty Charger, 

Filling your smartphone 

and vitalizing your face at once.

The 32g ultra-light fillit makeup palette fits right into the lower platform of the power bank. The combined weight of the power bank is less than 200 grams. It is perfect for charging a cell phone or for makeup correction. The fillit makeup palette, which reduces the amount of plastic by a total of 72 grams compared to the other structure composition, is environmentally useful for recharging. It's eco-friendly because it can reduce 72 tons of plastic by selling 1 million.

Patented design,


When you open the fillit and show the palette, you get rave reviews for 'like a Mondrian painting.' The fillit is beautiful. Besides, fillit cosmetic products are also excellent in form, color, and application. In recognition of its simple design and neat finishing, the company won an award for excellence in Korea's "Design Innovation Lab." fillit was also selected as a finalist in the "Asian Design Prize."

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